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Khorshed Alam
  • # Khorshed Alam
  • # Technical student

# About Me

Let's introduce it briefly

I have always walked, wherever I feel free and happy. It's my pleasure to work with technology. I have selected this sector to reach destination. It works but much more pleasure than others. To subjugate an unknown things or to solve problems, sometimes i skip the personal circumstances. I always follow standard methods to learn and solve problems. It makes me more perfect and more success in work.
I respectfully remember my teachers who had no shortage of effort on my way to progress. Among them were my family, relatives, curriculum teachers, friends, colleagues, boss or even strangers. May Allah bless them all...

# Experience

The activities that I was involved with

New workplace new experience. Wherever I was involved, I always cared for my job and tried to perform better. I cooperate with colleague for make work more creative and smart. It gives me entertainment at work.

# New Projects

Wait for the release & running

# Skills

Job acquired skills

According to standard of programing I am following OOP concept and implement MVC pattern accustomed. I have covered following programming & technical skill properly. I'm fit to associate myself with new technology.

  • Programing PHP, JQuery, Java Script, C#, C++
  • Hardware PC assembly & windows troubleshooting and fixing
  • Database Knowledge in Oracle, MySql, MariaDB, SQL database
  • Graphics Basic knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator
  • Networking Network server and sharing concept with management

# Education

Academic certification

  • Asian University of Bangladesh // Graduation
  • Cloud System Ltd. // Administration using MikroTik
  • Solo Learn // HTML, CSS, Java, Jquery, JQuery, SQL
  • BASIS // Web app development in PHP & Laravel

Strong curiosity about new technology has attracted me. Creative works never allow me to be bored. So, the research and the practical knowledge kept me busy than reading text book. Knowledge sharing is also in my habit. I always ready to discuss about the matter that have confusion and do not have clear concept to ensure the actual concepts.

# Portfolio

Completed project by own

# Contact

Feel free to contact

I'm a student of technology as always. I'm interested in getting your advice, guidance, comments, inquiry or any other feedbacks.You can communicate using the information mentioned below as well as be able to communicate using the form on the right side.


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